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The Reality of Working at Shane Yangzhou and Working in China

We want you to get the full scoop before you get here

Check out the this information on some of the most pertinent information and changes that you will be encountering on your journey.  We realize that there are many questions that you have about the legitimacy about teacher in China, with out school, and expectations when venturing abroad.  If you are looking to come to China this page is crucial and if any school says that they do not deal with some of these cultural barriers we recommend you take it with a grain of salt.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

The Guaranteed Non-Issues

There are some horror stories that deter potential teachers from taking steps to go and teach abroad.  The first thing we want to do is break down some of those issues that we do not have to worry about at Shane English Yangzhou.

Do we get paid on time?

Yes, not only do we have a financial manager who inputs our salaries manually on the 10th of every month.  You will also be taken with our foreign welfare adviser in your first month to set up your direct deposit for your paycheck.

What does my insurance cover?

Our insurance policy has a 1,000RMB deductible and then the insurance company covers 80% of all hospital related fees and medical support.  

Will I be able to take off if I am sick?

Yes, it is very simple to call of for a sick day if you need it.  You need to contact the academic manager within 4 hours of a shift and let them know you are ill.  New teachers are entitled to 5 personal/sick days in addition to our vacation time.  

Some Difficulties Teaching in China

There are some ways that Chinese companies  fundamentally function differently than Western companies.  These are complexities that will be present at any school you work for in China and we want to be  honest and open about them.

Fast Pace and Ever Changing

If you have been in China for any amount of time you may have noticed that China changes and grows so much faster than in Western countries.  While you will never work more than your allotted hours you may have a sporadic class pop up on your schedule this week. 

There Still is a Culture Barrier

Our Chinese co-workers (TAs) are awesome, but sometimes they do not understand the way that we think on some things.  You may be asked to be more conservative in some ways like covering tattoos or addressing problems in private with an Academic Manager.  

Noise and Space

Many people think that Chinese people are rude because they may speak louder than or stand closer than a foreigner would.  This is normal, unlike in western countries your kids will want to high five you and bumping into someone is not a problem but a pretty normal occurrence.  

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