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The Experience

Everyone comes to China for different reasons.  Some of our teachers have been interested in Chinese culture their whole life, some just wanted time away from home, and a new perspective.  Either way, there is a reluctance to move abroad for many reasons, but here at Shane Yangzhou we want to make each and every teacher feel like they are part of a family and have a place here.  Check out the information and testimonials below for a taste of China and how our teachers feel about our school.

Bridging the gap

Kevin is our Foreign Welfare Adviser

Check out the link below for a great deal of things that Kevin helps the foreign staff with on a daily basis.

Kevin and Foreigners Careoke.jpg
Cute Girl.jpg

Teaching Children is our job but loving children is a lifestyle

This video is one of our newer teachers who has a passion for China and now for teaching.

Some things are not that different

Scared about coming to China?

We understand, but you definitely should listen to this bit from Kevin about why he thinks you should join us.

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Our Support comes from all levels

Here are some touching words from our Human Resources Manager; Nicole.

Memories that you will never forget

Here's a video from one of our senior teachers about an experience in China that surprised him in his first couple weeks in China.

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We can't wait for you to join us

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