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Classes Offered

Teaching Children from 4 - 15 years old

Shane Yangzhou provides an intuitive course schedule of learning through culture immersion, reflection, and refining teaching of phonics, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In every class, our teachers emphasize vocabulary, sentence structure, phonics, and writing.  Creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to use their English in everyday life as well as in the classroom.



The Basics (3-5 years old)

These are Shane's youngest learners usually preschoolers.  Here we sing songs, learn through engaging and interactive English games.  These classes change pace quickly and are slightly shorter than the higher level classes. 

Reading: recognize shapes and numbers

Writing: practice fine motor skills through tracing and coloring

Speaking: develop various question and answer cues



Fundamentals (5-7 years old)

This level is designed for young learners in Kindergarten.  Classes are still very fun and fast pace, but the language becomes much more intensive.  Students are much more responsive, social, and engaging than CP.

Reading: students begin reading vocabulary words

Writing: students learn to write the alphabet and various vocabulary words

Speaking: students can respond fully to various questions, and ask in turn



Intermediate (7-11 years old)

Primary school students are usually placed in this level.  Students have a lot longer attention spans, and are much more engaged by cerebral and mentally stimulating activities.  Discussion finds it's way into the classroom, and while games are still used, they become much more competitive and team based.

Reading: students can read full sentences and short stories

Writing:  students begin writing in earnest and can write what they can say

Speaking:  students know how to ask and answer various questions as well and speak about themselves and their interests

 Phonics: students begin reading three letter words and progress through various vowel and consonant blends



Advanced (10-15 years old)

This is one of the most mature levels we have at Shane.  The classes consist of higher primary students with impressive English abilities.  Learning at this level becomes much more student led, with projects and compositions instead of simple homework. Students need to be stimulated mentally and enjoy complex, cerebral activities instead of high energy games.

Reading:  students can read long paragraphs and answer critical questions about content, as well as making inferences.

Writing:  students begin expressing themselves through writing, making compositions instead of single sentences.  

Speaking: students can ask, answer, infer, suggest, argue, and debate all in English.

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