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Class Levels at Shane 

At Shane Yangzhou, we have over 3000 students enrolled, all of varying ages and abilities. our classes are divided into levels to organize students by age and ability. 

CP Level

Level Characteristics

. 3-5 years old

. Class length: 90 minutes

. 2 Levels: CP01 and CP02

. Youngest learners

. Fun & easily-entertained

Tips for CP classes

. Keep it simple! CP students get amused over almost anything! 

. Play lots of games! Who likes to work for 90 minutes straight? 

. Don't be a scary teacher-smile a lot and they will return the positivity! 

CK Level

. 5-7 years old

. Class time is 120 minutes

. 4 levels: CK01 - CK04

. They vary in abilities and personalities, but are energetic

Level Characteristics

Tips for CK classes

. Get the kids out of their chairs as much as possible, 2 hours can be a long time, and the kids will focus better if they can release some pent up energy.

. Use your creativity when creating activities.

. Use a scoring system to keep the kids motivated.

CL Level

Level Characteristics

. 8-12 years old 

. Class length: 90 minutes

. 12 levels: CL01-CL12

. Competitive and enjoy team games 

. Motivated to learn

Tips for CL Classes

. Get to know your students- find out their interests and use them to your advantage

. Play team games!

. Use strategic activities that require thinking

CH/More Level

Tips for CH/More Classes

. Older than 12 years old

. Class length: 90 minutes 

.There are not very many students in these classes, but by this level students are very conversational with their English abilities 

. Very test-oriented classes

. Get to know your students, simple conversation can work wonders for their English abilities. 

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