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Yangzhou Famous Attractions

Things to do in Yangzhou

Yangzhou is a fascinating, ever-growing city that has over 3,000 years of history. Here in our home away from home, there's something for everyone.

The Classics


Discover Slender West Lake's Historic Beauty

Slender West Lake is among the largest tourist destinations for Chinese people due to its rich history

Fun fact: Snow is a rarity here in Yangzhou, but when we do get a light covering, there's no place more beautiful to see it than Slender West Lake


Explore Dong Guan Street

Check out any part of ancient Chinese culture from its tea or calligraphy to clothing at Dong Guan Street!

Think this looks awesome? Wait until you see it at night time!


Walk the Nooks and Crannies

Check out "old street" and some of the old fashioned alleyways and restaurants

In China, you'll have some of your greatest experiences off the beaten path

Relaxation Time

Take a dip in the Hot Springs

Wind down from a day of teaching and enjoy the beauty of nature at Yangzhou's Hot Spring!


Nothing like a refreshing soak in a cozy Hot Spring after a long day!


Catch the Newest Flick

Be it a Chinese or Western film, there's always a trending movie at a theater near you!

Don't worry, there is always a movie theatre within 2 miles in Yangzhou.

Hammock in a Park and Read

Yangzhou's got plenty of parks where you can go to relax. Nothing like a little peace and quiet


It is always nice to get away and relax

Sometimes you need some game time...

Board Game Night with Friends


Miss game nights with your family? Not a problem! We've got weekly game nights. Sometimes they get quite competitive!

Play some Glory for the King


You will find that mobile gaming is HUGE in China. Glory for the King is mobile League of Legends, and every Chinese person plays.

Learn to Play Traditional Chinese Games


Get in-touch with the local culture while having fun. Mahjong and Chinese card games are a must.

Want to stay in shape?


Hit the Gym and Get a Trainer

Westerners tend to enjoy working out more than Chinese people, but there are gyms everywhere.

Explore China on the back of a road bike 

There is a group of about 40 riders in the Yangzhou area and we frequently travel to nearby cities.


Shaolin Kungfu with an English speaking master

A handful of us practice most mornings for meditation, flexibility, strength, and tea time with Master Jin.

Carve your own path


Study Chinese with Friends

If you are into that kind of thing


Learn China's Ancient Drawing or Painting Techniques

Yes, we have artists here too

Do Not Forget the Hometown Comforts

We always have outlets and ways to stay connected

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