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Why Shane English in Yangzhou, China? 

Being one of the largest Shane English Schools in China with over 40 foreign teachers and over 3,000 students we provide the security of a larger school with the honesty of a small school.  We will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of the school, city, and country.  We also understand that reviews online can be sketchy at best so let's get you in contact with one of our current foreign teachers today!

Yearly School Sponsored Trips

Flight, visa, & arrival accommodations covered

25+ holidays/year

30 days off between contracts

The Services You Deserve

This list is only going to get longer! At Shane Yangzhou we are working all the time to bring the beneficial services our teachers want.  After all a comfortable life makes for the best time abroad!

Legal Working Visa (Z-Visa)

Health Insurance

Housing Placement Assistance

Foreign Welfare Adviser

Airport Pick-Up

Hotel Upon Arrival

2 Rest Days per Week

Weekly Training Workshops

Chinese Lessons

Contract Renewal Bonus

Yearly Promotion Opportunities

Comprehensive Position Based Training

We want your feedback.  Follow the link below to drop an idea for a new service for our teachers.

Just like China (or America), Shane isn't perfect, but it is a supportive environment with really good people working in it. The staff are reasonable, responsible and committed, but not afraid to have fun on or off the job. Prospective teachers can expect to be part of a community that will value them and foster their own personal growth and development.

Phelan Okeson

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